It is not possible to think of having a party weekend in the North West of England, without thinking, Blackpool. In the North West of England nobody does it bigger or better than Blackpool, it is a fantastic and fun filled location where thousands upon thousands of revellers go every week, with one purpose only. To enjoy themselves. Blackpool is famous for its Mile of lights, its Tower and a pretty awesome roller coaster that just happens to bear down on the whole place, provides VIP Nightlife Deals to multiple Nightclubs and Bars, all the best fun ones, to ensure sure you are spending your time inside a venue as quickly as possible – not outside queuing. We also sell Party Events in Blackpool, things like Life drawing classes & Comedy Roasts, the Comedy roasts being one of the most popular Stag activities in the UK at the moment, Blackpool receives and hosts these events very well indeed. Whatever event you are looking to arrange in Blackpool, we can almost certainly help you, if you can’t find it on our website give us a call. If you do see what you want on our website you can usually purchase online there and then.... [more]

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