Dublin, both the capital & largest city in Ireland, is a cracking place. Dublin has an enviable amount of first class places to explore, wonderful shops and atmospheric bars. Our feedback from people who have booked activities & events in Dublin is always good, in fact excellent.
Dublin has a vast array of high quality Nightclubs & Bars to choose from, many that offer party Booths for you and your friends to book
and enjoy your night out like VIP's.We also offer events as far ranging as Cocktail classes, Dance classes and Comedy Roasts. The Doorguy.co.uk has had over ten years experience in booking nights out for people in over 20 locations, we have booked tens of thousands of peoples events, and all our staff are well trained and experienced event advisors & bookers. Give Thedoorguy.co.uk a call and we will be happy to help you get your event arranged in style.... [more]

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