Terms & Conditions

Please take time to read our terms and conditions it is important you understand your contractual relationship relating to booking(s) with
Unlike other similar companies your booking & contract is with us directly, not a third party (Except for the sale of a very small number of certain entertainment products). Payments are held by us and released to your chosen venue, usually after your booking date. Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions before completing your transaction with us. Payment details provided to us are never disclosed to third parties. Other relevant data is only passed on where necessary (usually to a Venue / Event Manager that you are booking via, this usually consists of no more than; name, contact telephone number & email address, required soley for the purposes of fulfilling the booking(s) made via

Unless otherwise specified on the website we take full payment when you book. Certain products can be split into deposit & final balance.

Additional Charges
We reserve the right to change our prices at any time prior to taking your booking. If we do you will be told of the revised price applicable to your booking before you commit yourself. We may also include an administration fee within our bookings, in such cases you will always be made aware of this prior to confirming a booking with us.

Order Confirmation
We always confirm bookings by email to an email address provided by you, unless you specifically request another means.


Cancellation(s) & amendments (by you, the customer)


  1. If you cancel your Nightlife entry (party pass) booking with us up to 14 Days prior to the date of your booking we will refund you, minus a 25% administration fee. If you cancel your booking or your group numbers reduce after this time it will not be possible for us to refund.

  2. We cannot offer refunds after purchase for:Show Bookings, New Years Eve Nightlife Passes, Cocktail Making lessons, Dance Classes, Chocolate Making Lessons & any other group activity or event which requires advance bookings by us, and is not related to Nightlife passes noted in paragraph (a).

  3. Where we do accept a deposit or reservation fee for a specific product, both the deposits & the final balances are non-refundable. Any final balance due, must arrive no later than 42 days prior to the event date, if we are not in receipt of final balances by that date we may not be able to proceed with your booking, and may cancel your booking without refund. Further details regarding this in the section relating to refunds below. If you do not make full payment by the due date we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled.

Amendments (by you, the customer)

  1. Nightclub and Bar entry (party pass) group numbers may be increases any time up to 24 hours prior to the event date, we are unable to allow numbers reductions after 14 Days prior to the event date

  2. Show Bookings, New Years Eve Nightlife Passes, Cocktail Making lessons, Chocolate Making Lessons, Dance Classes & any other similar group activity or event, requiring advance bookings by us, which is not related to passes noted in paragraph (a) may not be amended downafter 42 days prior to the event date. We will endeavour to allow increases to group number after the 42 day period – however, in many cases this may not be possible. Once your booking has been confirmed, we may not be able to alter your group size.

Cancellation(s) & amendments (by us)

Cancellation by us

  • If a situation beyond our control requires us to cancel your booking, we will refund you for the part of the booking cancelled, we will refund the whole amount if it is necessary for us to cancel the entire event / booking. We cannot be held liable for any costs incurred when cancellations are made by us. We reserve the right to cancel at any time up to the start of a booked event.

Amendments by us

  • The Ltd reserves the right to make alterations to activities and events, or other arrangements at any time, where necessary, due to circumstances beyond our control. We may have to alter our Nightlife party passes if we are advised by a venue closer to the time of bookings of chnages that require us to do so.  

General Booking Notes

  • When we book an activity or event for you. In general, this covers all dance classes / Life drawing classes and any other activity that is allocated a specific time. Please always allow, at least an extra hour on top of the set times for any further plans you may have. Occasionally, and due to unforeseeable reasons, & circumstances beyond our control, an event may start later than expected. An example is that an operator is stuck in traffic & the event you booked will need to start 25 minutes later than booked, in these situations we will ensure you receive the full length of any event. We will not be held liable for any forward or past travel fee(s) or offer refund (part or full) due to you being unable to complete the event due to not allowing a reasonable amount of extra time for such unexpected uncertainties. Such issues are rare though. We consider allowing an extra hour reasonable.    

If you want to cancel your booking it is important that you notify us in writing (by email, fax or letter) as soon as possible. If a circumstance arises where your group is not admitted by a venue for reasons (that are not stated below in the section: Licensee Ejection / Unreasonable Behaviour), such as due to the venue being full and not being able to accommodate you or an error where your name was not correctly listed at the venue, where this is confirmed to be the case by the venue you will receive a full refund for that part of the booking without dispute. Please note that we provide details of an emergency number to call on all paperwork we send out for confirmed bookings, we would expect you to contact us on the date if something is not going quite to plan as we will most likely be able to rectify any problem at that time. Failing to contact us and notify us at this time may negate the possibility of a refund, this is clearly stated on the booking confirmation we send. Our address is: Ltd, P.O Box 5697, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4ZL.

Licensee Ejection / Unreasonable Behaviour
All Licensed premises reserve the right, (without refunding payment), to refuse admission or to eject, any person whose conduct the management deems unacceptable. This is at the management’s discretion and includes (but is not limited to) to any person who uses vulgar or abusive language, is likely to be aggressive or violent, has consumed too much alcohol, is banned under any exclusion scheme, is in possession of illegal substances, does not comply with regulations under the Licensing Act, or who fails to comply with any of the venues rules or reasonable requests (such as a search). Breach of standard entry terms may terminate your right to entry without refund.

The Company's Liability to you
We accept liability only for matters, which arise as a direct result of our negligence or lack of care in making arrangements for you, as requested by you at the time of booking.

Claims & Complaints
If you have a complaint regarding our service please put full details in writing to. Ltd, P.O Box 5697, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 4ZL

Who You Are Buying From is a unique promotional website for Nightlife venues and Experiences and Events within the U.K that we feature on our website. We specialise in arranging entries for groups & individuals. Our aim is to ensure we provide the best events out and prices to our customers. We constantly review our product listings and prices to ensure we can always deliver the best deals. The is a trading division of The Limited, registered in England & Wales Company number:8078334, registered Address: Wilderton Grange, 4 Wilderton Road West, Poole, Dorset, BH13 6EF.

Special Booking Requirements
We operate a unique policy; endorsed by The Licensed trades & local Police. We may often ask for I.D in advance (details below) to ensure that large groups are admitted to venues that may normally not welcome large single sex parties.

We often ask that all male groups (or a mixed group with a male contingent larger than 6 persons) send us in one form if photo ID per 6 males in that group, we request this at our discretion. This Information is never passed on to any other agent or company whatsoever. The information is destroyed with 3 months and will only be passed onto the Police if requested. We take this ID to both ensure the venues are aware, to some extent, who is in their building as part of a large group, and we also offer recourse in the event of any disturbance, conflict or any issue in general that may take place within a licensed premises.

These measures go some way to ensuring responsible drinking levels, customer safety and also provide a responsible face to the Night Time Economy. Our methods have proved particularly successful with venues that would not normally accept large all male groups. Please also note that if you are booked into a licensed venue (eg: Nightclub or Bar) or an event that includes alcohol, all members of your group will need to be over 18 years old & all members will need to bring valid ID with then.

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